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Fulcrum Immersive Technologies are designed to address common audio challenges and provide greater artistic control. They are true to the principles of traditional acoustics but integrate into modern system and room design.

Adaptive Microphone Processing
Adaptive Microphone Processing

Adaptive Microphone Processing

Our adaptive microphone processing intelligently adapts to your mix environment and provides processed audio with up to 10dB more gain-before-feedback, all while maintaining the natural sonic qualities of your audio sources. This proprietary technology is designed to reduce feedback and increase clarity of singing vocals, musical elements and spoken word.  It is equally effective for sending processed audio to broadcast, recording and in-ear monitor mixes.

Active Acoustics
Active Acoustics

Active Acoustics

Active Acoustics processing creates a unique and accurate acoustical “signature” that matches the acoustical performance of the room in which it is being installed. By selectively routing signals through the processor, the natural reflective sound of the room can be lifted and controlled artistically with much greater spatial realism than conventional “reverb” processors. Reflections are rendered through an array of purpose-built loudspeakers distributed throughout the room.

Object Based Mixing

Object-Based Mixing

“Dry” immersive audio inputs from a mixing console are routed, timed and distributed properly to the same loudspeakers used for adaptive acoustics. This allows “surround” type mixing, console-based effects or theatrical audio content to be distributed spatially throughout the room with no additional investment in hardware.

Active Bass Control

Active Bass Control

Reduce power alleys and coverage nulls. Our processors continually sample the subwoofer drive signals from an installed audio system, and produces complementary and adaptive signals to drive numerous low-frequency control loudspeakers distributed around the room. This creates tighter, more controlled sub-bass response for an improved audio experience.

Gunness Processing

TQ™ Processing

TQ™ processing implements the propriety technologies developed by Fulcrum Acoustic founder, David Gunness. TQ (temporal equalization) processing is a highly precise application of DSP, exploiting optimized Finite Impulse Response (FIR) filters to fine-tune loudspeaker performance. TQ processing results in natural-sounding spectral balance; a pleasing aesthetic balance between highly transient sources (such as percussion instruments) and less transient sources (such as human voice); uncolored vocals; and excellent intelligibility.

Fulcrum One Logo

Fulcrum One Software

The Venueflex Processor runs exclusively on Fulcrum One Software. Fulcrum One is the all-in-one software solution for the design, simulation and control of acoustics, loudspeaker & immersive systems. No more switching applications. Use the same program from design conception to audio control.

Plan and arrange your speakers, acoustical treatments, and immersive components in 3D.

Predict how your sound system will behave in different configurations and acoustical conditions.

Adjust speaker settings, equalization, and other parameters.

Manage Fulcrum Immersive tools, loudspeaker processing, speaker arrays, adaptive steering, and other components seamlessly from a centralized interface.

Analyze real-time performance and make necessary adjustments to ensure flawless audio.

Fulcrum One
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