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How They Work

In untreated rooms, acoustical energy interacts with room surfaces and creates undesirable reflections and excessive reverberation, negatively affecting sound quality and intelligibility.

Rooms treated with mathematically-designed acoustical materials lower reflective energy and control unwanted reverberation.  Our math helps you accurately apply panels and materials to balance room reflections so that the room can be perfected with active acoustics.

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The HA-84 and HA-44 provide excellent speech-band diffusion combined with broadband sound absorption. Practically, this allows auditoriums, studios, video production spaces and conference rooms to sound natural and balanced, maintaining a sense of space and aural connectivity between participants while still controlling room reverberation.

These panels are finished in a customer-selected exterior paint
color, with available standard Black open-celled foam visible in the diffuser voids.

Hybrid acoustic panels allow us to have both a live, natural sound for our choir and orchestra, and a room with tight low end and clear top end for our worship band. Thinking about the acoustics and the speakers as one system brings a whole new dimension to mixing that is hard to live without once you have experienced it. 


-Alan Brown | Production Director | Bethany First Church of the Nazarene

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Custom paint matching and custom fabric selections allow our panels to be designed to fit your visual preferences and environmental aesthetic. Contact us to learn more about how we customize to fit your needs.


I don’t have to think about, “I hope my low end is right” - I just do it because I know the room is right. I don’t even have to check my mixes on anything else to compare it.

The room makes a huge difference in my workflow. Before I felt like I would always need to check my mixes - not anymore. This is better than any studio I’ve ever mixed in.”


-Jack Nellis | Producer | Good Water Records

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