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a suite of immersive tools.

"No matter where you are in the room, the bass is tight and even. It's like hearing the sound of the low end you've always imagined for the very first time."
- Peter Dearing
Common House Worship

"With Venueflex™, the entire audience gets the best from each artist. From the front row to the back row, the sound is the same. Must be heard to be believed."
- Ken Lingafelt
Swanee Theatre

"Venueflex™ perfects the process by customizing speaker response with the acoustic treatment of each specific room.  It all works in perfect coordinated alignment."
- Danny Duncan
Vanguard Recording


Solutions for every scenario


Get your choir on top of the mix with up to 10dB gain-before-feedback with clean, natural tone



Multi-mode DSP to provide speech intelligibility and up to 10dB increased gain-before-feedback

micflex large.png


A proprietary multi-function digital signal processor.



“We have a room full of people able to engage and hear each other’s voices - and we don’t have to fight the room anymore.”

-Austin Renfroe | Worship Pastor | NewSpring Church Kansas

How Venueflex  Works

In untreated rooms, acoustical energy interacts with room surfaces and creates undesirable reflections and excessive reverberation, negatively affecting sound quality and intelligibility.

Rooms treated with mathematically-designed acoustical materials lower reflective energy and control unwanted reverberation.  Our math helps you accurately apply panels and materials to balance room reflections so that the room can be perfected with active acoustics.

Venueflex™ innovative active acoustics technology creates a matched immersive experience in every seat.


The fusion of physical architecture with controlled, high-fidelity reflections can truly be “better than the real thing”.

Different sound sources benefit from specific acoustic environments, such as lush reverberation supporting a vocalist or controlled early reflections making a guitar sound “larger than life”. The Venueflex™ Processor allows the artist and mix engineer to create an ideal soundscape for every instrument, individually.

Further, Venueflex's™ Active Bass Control actively modifies room boundaries in the lowest octaves, making even, tight bass response a reality across the entire audience. Power alleys and coverage nulls are minimized… balconies and raised seating areas become some of the best seats in the house.

Fulcrum Immersive provides an immersive acoustic experience for every room… for every sound source… for every seat in the venue.

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A suite of tools enabling venues to be flexible and adaptable for every performance type.

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