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a suite of immersive tools.

Fulcrum Immersive offers a complete set of hardware and software tools that enable designers and integrators to design and deploy immersive solutions in a scalable manner.

"No matter where you are in the room, the bass is tight and even. It's like hearing the sound of the low end you've always imagined for the very first time."
- Peter Dearing
Common House Worship

"With Venueflex™, the entire audience gets the best from each artist. From the front row to the back row, the sound is the same. Must be heard to be believed."
- Ken Lingafelt
Swanee Theatre

"Venueflex™ perfects the process by customizing speaker response with the acoustic treatment of each specific room.  It all works in perfect coordinated alignment."
- Danny Duncan
Vanguard Recording


Solutions for every scenario.

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Multi-mode adaptive microphone processor to provide speech intelligibility and up to 10dB increased gain-before-feedback.

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Get your choir on top of the mix with up to 10dB gain-before-feedback with clean, natural tone.

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Proprietary multi-function digital signal processor with augmented active acoustics, object-based mixing, active bass control, and immersive audio processing.

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Passive, flexible panels with absorption and diffusion in one.

Acoustic Panels
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Designed to work with Venueflex™ Processors to produce active acoustics and spatial audio systems.

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Fulcrum Immersive Technologies are designed to address common audio challenges and provide greater artistic control. They are true to the principles of traditional acoustics but integrate into modern system and room design.

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Active Acoustics
Object Based Mixing
Active Bass Control
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Fulcrum One Software

The Venueflex Processor runs exclusively on Fulcrum One Software. Fulcrum One is the all-in-one software solution for the design, simulation and control of acoustics, loudspeaker & immersive systems. No more switching applications. Use the same program from design conception to audio control.

Plan and arrange your speakers, acoustical treatments, and immersive components in 3D.

Predict how your sound system will behave in different configurations and acoustical conditions.

Adjust speaker settings, equalization, and other parameters.

Manage Fulcrum Immersive tools, loudspeaker processing, speaker arrays, adaptive steering, and other components seamlessly from a centralized interface.

Analyze real-time performance and make necessary adjustments to ensure flawless audio.

Fulcrum One
Fulcrum Immersive Mix

Fulcrum Immersive provides an immersive acoustic experience for every room… for every sound source… for every seat in the venue.

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