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The Venueflex™ Processor is a proprietary multifunction digital signal processor, with active bass control,  active acoustics and immersive audio processing. Multiple processors may be combined to handle larger rooms and systems. 

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Active Bass Control

The Venueflex™ processor continually samples the subwoofer drive signals from an installed audio system, and produces complementary and adaptive signals to drive numerous low-frequency control loudspeakers distributed around the room. This creates tighter, more controlled sub-bass response for an improved audio experience.

Active Acoustics

Active Acoustics processing creates a unique and accurate acoustical “signature” that matches the acoustical performance of the room in which it is being installed. By selectively routing signals through the processor, the natural reflective sound of the room can be lifted and controlled artistically with much greater spatial realism than conventional “reverb” processors. Reflections are rendered through an array of purpose-built loudspeakers distributed throughout the room.

Object Based Mixing

“Dry” immersive audio inputs from a mixing console are routed, timed and distributed properly to the same loudspeakers used for adaptive acoustics. This allows “surround” type mixing, console-based effects or theatrical audio content to be distributed spatially throughout the room with no additional investment in hardware.


For our historical sanctuary we wanted to find a way to modernize our sound system and acoustic design while maintaining the character that our congregation has loved for generations.

Venueflex™ Active Acoustics allows us to use a pipe organ in our traditional service and a rock band in our contemporary service, all while maintaining the sonic character unique to both worship styles. 

-Alan Brown | Production Director | Bethany First Church of the Nazarene


How Venueflex™ Works

In untreated rooms, acoustical energy interacts with room surfaces and creates undesirable reflections and excessive reverberation, negatively affecting sound quality and intelligibility.

Rooms treated with mathematically-designed acoustical materials lower reflective energy and control unwanted reverberation.  Our math helps you accurately apply panels and materials to balance room reflections so that the room can be perfected with active acoustics.

Venueflex's™ innovative active acoustics technology creates a matched immersive experience in every seat.


The fusion of physical architecture with controlled, high-fidelity reflections can truly be “better than the real thing”.

Different sound sources benefit from specific acoustic environments, such as lush reverberation supporting a vocalist or controlled early reflections making a guitar sound “larger than life”. The Venueflex™ Processor allows the artist and mix engineer to create an ideal soundscape for every instrument, individually.

Further, Venueflex's™ Adaptive Bass Control actively modifies room boundaries in the lowest octaves, making even, tight bass response a reality across the entire audience. Power alleys and coverage nulls are minimized… balconies and raised seating areas become some of the best seats in the house.

Venueflex™ provides an immersive acoustic experience for every room… for every sound source… for every seat in the venue.

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